cute little hair do! my hair used to be like that when I was young cept different hair color of course, lol wish my mom would let me cut it like that again

Cates Arcus this looks like your mini me: high tops, printed skinnys, glasses and a longboard! BLISS - wee wednesday with jennifer: summer collages

skater girl love the outfit

There are 9 tips to buy these shoes: vans flannel jeans bag shirt blouse underwear t-shirt skateboard jacket yellow red black brown square sweater back to school flannel shirt.

i think I want a skateboard so I can learn how to skateboard. I think I could pull off the "Skatergirl" look, how 'bout you?

You don't have to "pull of the skater girl look", I'm a girl and I skate all the time. just wear what ever u wanna wear. ppl don't care what u wear as long as you are comfortable while skating is key.

This color looks like Rock 'n' Roll Red with some pink mixed in. #manicpanic

Whoever said that red and pink don't go together obviously hasn't seen this vibrant style! Looks like Rock n Roll Red mixed with some Hot Hot Pink to us.

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