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38 inch bust, 31 inch waist, 40 inch hips, size 12 US

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How many times do I look at Pinterest and think okay this is it, tomorrow I am going to make these recipies, do that workout and buy those clothes because of the "perfect women" I see on every pin. But honestly next to nobody is that "perfect" woman. It is all a illusion. This ladys bravery reminds me that being a real women just how I am is beautiful. 160 or 108 being me is perfect.

Lizzie Miller in the 2009 Sept. issue of Glamour. I remember reading this article as a teenager and being so inspired by seeing a healthy, happy, beautiful woman over a size six in a national magazine.

Never have a fat day again! Could ONE pair of wonder jeans fit a size 8, size 10 and size 12 woman?

Never have a fat day again! Could ONE pair of 'wonder' jeans fit a size 8, size 10 and size 12 woman?

One size fits all: George unveiled the Wonder fit Jean -called magical jeans that span three dress sizes 10 and size 12 woman?

Marilyn's measurements! I feel like WAY too many ppl try to use her as an example and say that she was a size 12  she wasn't stick thin, but Marilyn was indeed a true "curvy" woman! 23 1/2 inch waist!!! That's insanely tiny!!! Pre Gwen my waist was 26 inches!!! But she also had the boobs  butt to balance her out! Modern sizing is not was it was 50 years ago!

Ain't no way in hell a girl of and 118 lbs is gonna be THAT thick. Marilyn's weight was 118 at its smallest. 140 was her weight whenever you see her super curvy.

Plus Size Packing Tips: How to Rock a Carry-on Wardrobe

Plus Size Packing Tips: How to Rock a Carry-on Wardrobe

Marilyn Monroe. Quite possibly the most beautiful photo of her I have ever seen. Simple perfection.

God, she was so beautiful. I've never seen this picture before. I love this dress and her 'messy' hair. I think this will be a new inspiration for me to lose weight again.

PRODUCT GUIDE  (Please check my measurement / sizing before placing your orders) Or (Please be sure to measure yourself before ordering) This Dress is as pretty as it gets, look effortlessly dainty yet strikingly beautiful! the Dress is made with Ankara Wax print  Fabric Content: 100% cotton  * Fully Lined  Size chart  US 0-2 Bust : 31.5-32.5 Waist : 23-24 Hip : 33.5-35  US 4-6 Bust : 33.5-34.5 Waist : 25-26 Hip : 36-37  US 8-10 Bust : 35.5-37.5 Waist : 27-28 Hip : 38-39  US 12-14 Bust…

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"The biggest thing for women to keep in mind is you can't ever let someone define beauty for you. Look in the mirror and say that this is my definition of perfection."  -Jennie Runk

Plus-Size Model Jennie Runk Talks Body Image, Dieting, and Feminism

Size 14 Model Jennie Runk: "Size shouldn't be a unit of measurement for worth"

"plus size" Robyn Lawley (size 12) in Australian Cosmo. Beautiful bikini shots!

Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley In Swimsuit Photos

Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley Lands Bikini Spread In Australian Cosmo