Finfolk mermaid tail

“"Be a Fruit Loop in a bowl full of Cheerios." The third and final tail we sent to the Arizona Renaissance Festival!

Resultado de imagen para fotos de sirenas en el mar

Resultado de imagen para fotos de sirenas en el mar

Brought to you by  Rick Rietveld Surfboard: Summer

Showcase of surf art by Californian surf artist Rick Rietveld on Club Of The Waves

Anatomy Of A Mermaid. Now I just like seeing all you dumbasses argue over a drawing. Haha :)

Anatomy Of A Mermaid

mewmii: “mutisija: “ villancikos: “ The Anatomy of a mermaid ” yes, thanks. i hate when people draws mermaid’s tail like it was some sort of goddamn suit on normal human legs like this: it just doesnt work ” yeah we wouldnt want to make our mermaids.

adding metallic mermaid to "things I want to be when I grow up"

I love Merbella mermaid tails (this one is one) but they are WAY too expensive! I love swimming and this would make you go super fast.<-- I didn't know they could be so expensive

Art: Shy Little Mermaid by Artist Nico Niemi

Artist's Portfolio of Nico Niemi - Thumbnails for art in gallery 'mermaids' - Page 5

All the new mermaid documentaries on Discovery about human evolving from mermaids are quite fascinating; we DO have a small bit of skin webbing between our fingers & toes and we are composed mostly of water after all... Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel  Panda

Funny pictures about of the OCEAN is undiscovered. Oh, and cool pics about of the OCEAN is undiscovered. Also, of the OCEAN is undiscovered.