Hardoy butterfly chair- just scored two of these!!!  Now I need to restore them to their former 1950's glory.

Leather BKF Butterfly Chair, by Bonet, Kurchan, Ferrari-Hardoy, via Killer Junk Noguchi type lamp

Sketch de la silla BKF- arquitectos Juan Kurchan y Jorge Ferrari Hardoy

Arts, culture, and commerce: For more than seven decades has the Hardoy Butterfly Chair been inspiring painters, filmmakers and the creative industries - and provides any room with the charm of an Estancia.

Juego de mesa | Galería de fotos 7 de 23 | AD

Casa en Valencia

Story of a STAIRCASE. An Australian family wanted, for your visits to Valencia, open to friends and family to let their conversation from anywhere home. The open staircase was the key.

butterfly chairs, decking and white

butterfly chairs: also known as the BKF chair was designed by the Austral Group, in Buenos Aires, Argentina in The partners of the group were Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, so the chair was named "BKF" after them.

Sillón BKF de Bonet, Kurchan y Ferrari | Experimenta

Sillón BKF de Bonet, Kurchan y Ferrari | Experimenta