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I hurts so much when I'm left out. And when someone forgets about me. Please don't forget me when I die. That's one of my greatest fears.

she-wanted-to-tell-him-she-missed-him-but-she-didnt | by LiveLifeHappy1981

Not pretend, but our friendship's over now (or maybe not, I don't know) and messaging him to tell him that I miss him is just inappropriate. I doubt it'll be fine for him to be my friend again. Knowing him.

In the silence between us..

what you hear in the silence between us" -William C. Hannan (Quite perfect) AP Since we talked about all the silence happening around Briony when critical moments were happening.

You would

Where are you now when I need you the most. It's been months and I can't sleep at night thinking tomorrow might be the day I see you again


The silent treatment or ignoring someone is one of the cruelest ways to torture someone.So true! Just let me know what you are thinking.regardless whether it is something that will hurt me or not.The silence is killing me.

without a second thought.

without a second thought. It still hurts like it was yesterday. And you insist on throwing it in my face