Full back phoenix with flower tattoos on girl looking beautiful.

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imagenes  | la ave fenix renace de las cenisas

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Fairy Tattoo... I'm seriously considering this one

90 Tatuagens de fadas e seu significado

images 183×275 pixeles

images 183×275 pixeles

10 Mysterious Owl Tattoo Designs & Meanings

The owl is a unique bird that mostly merged when insight and knowledge. It is plus a fable of approach in those murky, frightening time.

Tatuajes de Runas Vikingas. Talismanes nórdicos: -Runas de amor

Tatuajes de Runas Vikingas. Talismanes nórdicos

Tatuajes de Runas Vikingas. Talismanes nórdicos: -Runas de amor

Embracing the legend of the fiery bird that rises again from the ashes of its…


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寿  <- I have no idea what this says, but I love that

寿 The Chinese character Shou, meaning "Long Life", in the form of a flying crane, the symbol of longevity in Chinese culture