Sig 320 in Desert FinishLoading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today!

Army Bid Sig Sauer in a Desert Finish. Wouldn't it be nice if the army went to something like this?

Sig 320 series with RDS - the P226 was very good, hope this one lives up to it.

Sig 320 series with RDS - the was very good, hope this one lives up to it.

Sig Sauer P320 vs Beretta M9

This inforgraphic compares the Army's pick for its future service pistol, Sig Sauer to the current handgun, Beretta Check it out.

SIG 320 Fullsize 9mm w/ 2 10rd Mags - 320F-9-B-10 : Semi Auto Pistols at

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Civilian versions of the Sig 320 fail the so-called "drop test," but the military version appears unaffected.

New Handgun Chosen by U.S. Army Goes Off If Dropped

Since winning the U. Army’s coveted Modular Handgun System competition back in January, things have been less than smooth sailing for Sig Sauer.

Red Hood Costume

In Batman, Red Hood is the alter ego of Jason Todd, who takes controls of multiple gangs in Gotham and cleanse the city of violent crime in his own way.

Sig Sauer P320 Family (Full-Size, Carry and Subcompact (coming soon)

SIG-Sauer Offered with three frame and slide/barrel sizes and 3 calibers SIG, and S&W. to allow the pistol to adapt to different mission requirements.