¿Cuál es tu lugar favorito para una siestecita?

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¿Queda alguna ramita libre para que yo también pueda  dormir una siestecita?

Lionesses Napping in a Tree in Central Serengeti, Tanzania. (by Bobby-Jo Clow/Caters News).


"I believe cat's to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through." --Jules Verne I remember when George was this small

I've never liked conventional hammocks; they're hard on my back.  This would be awesome!

This is one way to keep your tent up out of rain puddles, but probably pretty sketchy in a windstorm. Suspended tent, can be made from old trampoline or similar hoop. - Floating Round Hanging Bed With Waterproof Tent For Camping Or Outdoor Use

OMG!!! What a sweet picture!!! <3

September 1956 asleep, during his flight back to Memphis Elvis (using the name Clint Reno)

this is a dog i want when i grow up.

30 Of The Happiest Facts Ever

LABRADOR – Who can resist a lab puppy? ❤ SO cute too tired to make it home, oh well, nap time

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laurenconrad.com -- There are other, more healthy ways to tan, take care of your skin now.

Be Smart: Dear 16-Year-Old Me

Four models showing off the latest bathing suit fashions while lying on a sandy Florida beach . May 1950 . Photo by Nina Leen

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I Fell Asleep in A Field of Daisies Watercolor by thewheatfield

Inspire Bohemia: Garden Inspiration Part II

Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden: "Moss bed with patterned variegated moss colonies for the back to nature sleep over."(I would like to try this on a small scale and have the perfect small iron bed)