I like it better that way.  "It's amazing the things people will say when they think no one is listening" -Denise M.

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I struggle to make new friends because I'm so shy that I will time never start a conversation with someone new.

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Whenever he is around, my heart stops beating for like a second and my stomach is in knots and I'm way too shy around him. And he had some chances, and he tried so hard, but I RAN AWAY!

They won't see, you're more than the shy girl. found on Polyvore

Not the kind of girl guys fall in love with. Sadly this is true for me. I've never been in love and I'm fairly certain no guy has ever loved me. I'm just waiting for that special someone to enter my life. Waiting is hard.

Phlegmatic and Melancholic (so true!!) #1 reason Pinterest is so dangerous, quiet people use it!

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Quiet people have the loudest minds - Stephen Hawking Quote. Sometimes quiet people really do have a lot to say, they are careful about who they open up to.