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I like the dyed chevron patterns! Definitely going to have to do that this week :)

Shibori folding and preparation techniques and a drawing showing the result. The clickthrough has a couple of other folds. Instructions in Russian.

DIY Shibori techniques \\ alice & lois. SHIBORI - Shibori , from what I understand , is a Japanese tie-dying technique.

DIY Pink Shibori Cloth Napkins

DIY Shibori techniques \\ alice & lois The word comes from the verb root shiboru, "to wring, squeeze, press.

"I HAVE to try this DIY by @jen Inumerable Baker . I've always wanted to learn how to perfect Indigo Shibori Dying! These look stunning."

Shibori Indigo Dyeing Tutorial

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY Gifts Ideas 2017 / 2018 I HAVE to try this DIY by jen Inumerable Baker . I've always wanted to learn how to perfect Indigo Shibori Dying!

Pattern_Shibori_tezukuri_01. Another gorgeous indigo dyed shibori fabric by Luisa

Shibori pleating patterns

Pattern Shibori tezukuri~ Indigo dyed shibori fabric by Luisa. Reminiscent of with beautiful colors

<p>My apologies; I have been so busy engulfed in my new art form; Shibori style dyeing. The idea came to me when I realized I had too many white blouses. If you know me, you know I LOVE to repurpose. What better…</p>

Simplified Shibori Dyeing - Made By Barb 4 simple patterns to make some pillows

Do your own Simplified Shibori Dyeing with these instructions, 4 different patterns are an easy introduction to shibori dyeing using fibre reactive dye.

Komasu Shibori Tutorial Komasu-group5

Komasu Shibori Tutorial

I think I have mastered the Komasu Shibori technique. I've got an ok from Glennis to make this simple tutorial to share with you. The Komasu Shibori looks beautiful after it is dyed. To my surpris.

Tote bags dyed with indigo using tie dye & shibori techniques | Lia Griffith

Japanese Indigo Dye Tote Bags

Shibori Instructions Hexagon Honeycomb

Information and DIY Shibori and Indigo instructions. FAQ about how to make an indigo vat.

Natural Dye (hibiscus) & Shibori dyeing methods

Natural Dye & Shibori

Natural Dye (hibiscus) & Shibori dyeing methods / Poster shows the method for dyeing and the result so you have an idea what it will look like if you do it.