Sherlock, John, & Rosie x3>>>>>> I don't ship them but, this is so cute.

Oh my that's so cute! actually could be canon! I mean rosie grows up with John and Sherlock. It would be just natural for her to see them both as her father even if there is no Johnlock at all.

Sherlock, John, & Rosie fanart

Proud Dads of one lucky little girl // Sherlock, John, & Rosie fanart

this brothers and sisters is what we call real love #Sherlock #john

I don't ship johnlock because I don't believe that two people who love each other have to be in love with each other. Yes, I think friendship can be that beautiful.

"John, do you think they've left yet?" "Sherlock you'll have to face it sooner or later,the fangirls have seen you and they won't stop till they find you." "Why would they want to find me? I'm a high functioning sociopath, not a model." "Try telling them that"

Ben & Martin - Sherlock & John I love that Martin is so happy to be taller for once ❤️

This show, this right here is what has stopped me from doing anything stupid that may end up taking my life.

I don't necessarily agree with this but it did make me think about it. I believe that John's relationship with Sherlock pulled him out of a very bad place but that this relationship made him strong enough to continue on after Sherlock's death.

John Watson & hedgehog. There is literally no difference. <-- That is not the proper use for the word "literally". Ugh.

John Watson, Hedgehog- There's no difference. This is why people need to name their hedgehogs John Watson.

Sherlock season 4 (SPOILERS) #merightnow

How we feel about John through the seasons (contains Season 4 spoilers)

Been waiting 4 seasons for this!

I want it to be like where Sherlock is coming out to john as gay? And john just going 'no shit Sherlock, we're dating' (in this fantasy, johnlock is cannon)

actually cute but do ship them

actually cute but do ship them --- nooooo but Sherlolly though (this is still adorable)

Loved Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman).

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) - one of my favorite pictures of the boys.

Sherlock season 4. Dark and broody.

shag-me-senseless-watson: “ “ silentauroriamthereal: “ cdlafere: “ The boys will be back! my manip from series 4 first promo photos!D ” Perfect!

"John, get me a pen..." Don't know why I find this as hilarious as I do, but it is just that. Hilarious.

Sherlock is BORED

Mycroft is the British government.and the queen, but mostly the British government