Hey the scarf has stripes.  HMMM.  Glad I noticed that, or someday I may have bought the wrong scarf.

today I put on a shirt, blue trousers, black shoes, long black coat and blue scarf. Only then did I see this pin and realise that I was unintentionally cosplaying Sherlock XD

Sherlock's trench for women. YES, PLEASE                                                                                                                                                      More

Sherlock Holmes Buttonhole - This jacket has wonderful lines. I love the design of this jacket.

I consider myself married to my work.

"I consider myself married to my work." I consider myself married to you

Sherlock Coat CLOTHING - DIY, tutorials, needlework, paper crafts, knitting, crochet, jewelry, swaps, sewing and so much more on Craftster.org

Sherlock Coat CLOTHING DIY - I can get a duvet coat for a couple of quid in town, and use my oversized wool coat.

women Sherlock Holmes WOMEN Cape Coat Costume Wool Version with Muffler Scarf as Gift US $210.00

G0618 Sherlock Holmes Cape Coat Costume Wool Version with Muffler Scarf as Gift

No, no, no. This is all wrong. He isn't asking for his coat, he has lots of coats. What he's looking for is BLOOD. He says so after he puts the coat on and turns the collar up. He wants blood because blood means excitement and possibly a murder mystery to solve. Sherlock enjoys solving the crime as Donovan points out in "A Study in Pink". So no, he's not in love with his coat, and these love theories about Sherlock are getting rather out of hand.

Sherlock X The coat is my OTP. (I really don't think Sherlock should be in a romantic relationship. It wouldn't be true to the character.) I SHIP COATLOCK

Love the color, full length and asymmetry

Vintage coat from Montgomery Wards Fall catalog. I love the giant buttons of three different sizes!