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Amiria Gale: shell painting process

Composition development by Amiria Gale - painting of shells- This could be a COOL way to incorporate a textural element into an abstract artwork- use the crinkled tissue with pastel rubbed across the top for the shell- watercolor for the abstract lines

Move over rock painting, decorating shells is our new favorite pastime! Today we have found plenty of diy decorated shell inspiration to get you started on your shell decorating journey.  All you need for this fun craft is shells and sharpie pens. Find some shells, grab your sharpies, recreate or add your own twist to these fabulous designs.Read More

Diy Decorated Shell Inspiration

Something to do when it is too cold and windy to walk the beach…decorate seashells from your collection with ultra-fine Sharpies!

Egg Shell Splat Canvas Painting

Egg Shell Splat Canvas Painting

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