It seems we parents are always trying to save on space and come up with clever ideas for making the most of the rooms we have—some even pulling double duty. Check out these amazing and brilliant (not to mention stylish) ideas for sharing a nursery. Whether it be to make the room double as an office, a guest room, or fit two (or more) kids, we’ve got you...

Space Savers: Nursery Sharing Done Right

I like the ideas going on here for a room that is shared by a toddler/older child and a baby. Or for a guest room/nursery.

Be Still My Heart: Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Roundup

Be Still My Heart: Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Roundup

We've had shared nursery/toddler rooms for a couple years now. Be Still My Heart: Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Roundup

Ultimate Guide to Baby Play Spaces, Nurseries, and More

Ultimate Guide to Baby Play Spaces, Nurseries, and More

Suburbs Mama: Nursery in Master Bedroom. Great floor plan and ideas for organizing the dresser drawers for baby.

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How to share a room with baby.

6 Tips for Designing a Shared Nursery

just lookin' at some shared room ideas for emma and blake. i think this room is beautiful! but would make some of my own changes, love the light green walls white bedding and splashes of color for both boy and girl!

I like the idea of the hamper in the middle, but would only need one, and share, then place in other direction and have shoes on each side

17 DIY Baby's Breath, Burlap & Lace Wedding Ideas

Kid closet like the laundry basket idea for the kids closet. I know a few kids that need a closet like this

Sharing Sleep By keeping everything in the room neutral, the baby's space blends seamlessly with adult furnishings. The striped Oilo double pendant lamp adds additional visual interest to the room. Source: Studio 1208

Create a baby corner in your bedroom. If you don’t have a room for a nursery you can use a corner of your bedroom. Decorate the nursery area with its own theme so it’s less like an extension of your room and more like your baby’s own place.

Shared Kids Rooms: Toddler and older sibling. Now that the baby is sleeping through the night they can move in together.

Shared Kids Rooms: Making a Multiple Bed Layout Work

la vie en fuchsia: Nursery Details: Paper airplane mobile (made from vintage maps) I really like the shared room idea.

DIY Baby Mobile...Ashley this makes me think of you! - I love it, thanks meg!

DIY Crystal Baby Mobile tutorial: spray painted Wire Wreath frame, Chandelier crystals, fishing line, fabric or other trim to hide wreath frame, sheet rock anchor w/ screw for hanging & lots of time! Craft and DIY Projects and Tutorials