True . Lots of "parents" need to understand this ......

When you make a decision to have a child you're also making the decision to take responsibility for that child. You don't abandon your obligation as a parent because you have "other plans". I'm over deadbeat parents!

little girl. pitty you’re still a little girl in such a big world. i laugh so much. fyi!

Yes Amen some people just act so innocent in there doings! There's always two sides to a story and then there's the TRUTH!

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Once You Bring Kids into the World (Live Life Happy)

Life Quote: Once you bring kids into the world, it’s not about you anymore. – Tony Gaskins The post Once You Bring Kids into the World appeared first on Live Life Happy.

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If you spent half as much time on your son as you both spend on zombies, video games, Harry Potter, and being cool, you might actually qualify as a parent.

I wish you could step back for two seconds and see what you are doing, you are such a hypocrite!

There is only 1 selfish parent in our equation. THE MOTHER! She doesn't see how she is damaging her child. Sorry selfish jealous piece of trash.

For the selfish parent out there who uses their child as a pawn in their hate game...I know one like this!

Taking away time from a parent/ step parent because your mad isn't okay

Dear selfish parents, Children Come FIRST! Don't have em if you can't afford the life style