always second best, never the first choice. Always told to go away and never…

I know I may use being the second choice quote a lot but that's because personally I feel as though it's true. I just wanna be somebody's first choice and like the quote says It hurts a lot.

Why can't i be that friend to someone? :C

Not that I don't have best friends, but all my friends are closer to at least one person than they are to me. I'm nobody's closest friend, I'm second best friend at most.

I'm not an option, I'm a necessity. Either you need me or you don't, and if you don't then don't waste my time because there is someone out there who does need me.

This is not just in romantic relationships. this is all relationships and friendships. If you hesitate, then forget about me, I'm no longer a choice.

Stop wasting time on fuck boys lover, they say you can't always be first so their gotta be a second best to me lol!

Never settle for anyone who isnt absolutely, insanely, and foolishly happy to be with you. - Whether its a friend or more, they should want to be in your life.

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And then that second chance shots u through the heart. I hate giving people second chances .