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Feel things you've never imagined, thought things that have never crossed your mind, see your value when you see nothing there. Never doubt a word I say because I ONLY speak the truth

people who get my love often say   they have never expierenced  real love like this...not to get this confused with the awesome and unfailing love of god. a scorpio       loves deeply passionetly and real.

People who get my love often say they have never experienced real love like this. Not to get this confused with the awesome & unfailing love of God. A scorpio loves deeply, passionately & real.

Zodiac Scorpio facts. Scorpios are good at loving from a distance.Just because they don’t call or check in everyday doesn’t mean they don’t care or are not thinking of you. For much more on the zodiac signs, click here.

Scorpios are good at loving from a distance, Just because they don't call or check in everyday doesn't mean they don't care or are not thinking of you

Scorpios value loyalty and bonding.. and they love harder than any other sign

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love will burn up again

butterflys in your stomach will make you sick anyway. Better go for the phoenix.