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Make more camp-friendly and mature for DMs Scavenger hunt for surprise for kids. Modify for Elf on the Shelf to deliver clues for Disney trip or any other trip!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt {with free printables!}

Birthday Scavenger Hunt {with free printables!}

Here’s how the educational scavenger hunt works: 1)  Divide your puzzle pieces into 10  envelopes 2)  Create rhyming clues for all the place you want to hide the pieces 3) Place the clues inside the envelopes, and hide them throughout the house! 4) Once everything is set-up, ask your child to go find the clues to help build their puzzle! 5) Once all the pieces are collected and before you begin to assemble your puzzle, use this as an opportunity to practice “counting by tens”.

Clues for a "Counting by Tens" puzzle hunt. scavenger hunt clues to lead kids to baggies of 10 puzzle pieces each. kids can count the puzzle pieces by and then have fun putting puzzle together.

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a couple of years ago my sister needed to do a scavenger hunt and couldn't find one online, so we tried our best to make up our own. you hide…

Coolest Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Take a look at the coolest selection of scavenger hunt riddles. You'll also find lots of scavenger hunt themes, free printable invitations, lists, and many more unique ideas that'll blow you (and your candles) away