kindof a tutorial but not really. EDIT: Heres a video that corresponds with what i am talking about!…

Start to finish hooves for satyr find solid rubber wedge heels, cut them to the point right below your ankle shape screen wire over shoe, staple gun down wrap with fibergla.<< Note to self: use if cosplaying D&D character

making faun hooves - Album on Imgur

making faun hooves

Turn your screen accurate Hellboy to a comic accurate Hellboy: good tutorial on Hooves satyr

Faun cosplay by ~emilyrosa on deviantART #halloween #costume

An incredible faun cosplay with hooves and horns - 9 Faun Cosplays she needs a shirt, other than that its a great costume

Faun makeup!  :D  I knew contouring could do wonders.  Now if only horizontal-pupil lenses weren't half my monthly mortgage payment...

These horns are too big for me but I live the makeup on the nose to make her look more faun-like Halloween Makeup