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Funny pictures about Would you like a table? Oh, and cool pics about Would you like a table? Also, Would you like a table?

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This one time this girl, a cashier, was face timing, yes, while working a guy. She asked him if he was eating pasta & he said no spaghetti

This is a funny meme which is kind of an analogy of how our society is today, when we are always connected to internet devices. It's actually hard to imagine sometimes how life was like before the internet.

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Top 23 sarcastic memes

Top 23 Sarcastic Memes

Sarcasm means to taunt anyone but in a polite way. Sometimes people get pissed off and sometimes they just laugh out and move away . But you have to be careful about your sarcasm as it could be a p…

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K hopefully we can text this evening. Wait so will we be able to hang when I get back? Is your step dad ok as well?

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It's true, sarcasm is apart of the English language. Whether your sarcasm is muddled between breathes or out in the open, it's a virtue that's here to stay.

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This shows expurgate because it can be taken as offensive because sarcasm is offensive.