Samurai Armor by ArtisansdAzure on Etsy

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Buying Halloween costumes is overrated -- make one of these cardboard costumes instead.

26 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Create With Cardboard

MADE THIS...used picture loosely to make a cardboard samurai costume

Cardboard Samurai Armor That Looks Authentic

How to make Samurai Armour by kay115 on deviantART

So uhh, lots of people seemed to like my Samurai armour, so I thought I'd make a tutorial! Sorry for any spelling errors. It's twenty minutes . How to make Samurai Armour

Website that details methods and patterns of many styles of Samurai armor, me like

Armor idea for upper legs. Do the black part in as well as the red squares, tho they'd need to be apart as well. Or do brig and stud them britches. Easy armor project and a great complement to my greaves.

Amazing Handmade Samurai Costume and Armor For 8 Year Old Boy...

Amazing Handmade Samurai Costume and Armor For 8 Year Old Boy