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open rp} i jumped in to the pool and swam up to the edge. you were beautiful so couldn't help smiling.

Hanging out with Sam before his big basketball game tonight!! @Takenbymagcon

Imagine you and Sammy were kinda arguing and then you started to get up and leave but he stopped you and pulled you on his lap and kissed you and said I'm sorry I won't let anyone ruin this and you said ok better not and kissed him back.

Sam//I'm out of the hospital. I am also planning my own tour and writing my next album! I will be doing a guest performance with Taylor soon. *I smile and finish making my video before feeling someone kiss my neck*

i am the chemistry teacher. if you'd like to call me sam. i am twenty three. i'm a pretty popular teacher.

Sam Wilkinson is bae

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I'm Sam 18 and single I play football but I'm addicted to weed, and alcohol girls usually love me

(Fc:Sam Wilkinson) I'm Sam 18 and single I play football but I'm addicted to weed, and alcohol sex.

Hey, I'm Sam! I am currently single, but that could change at any given time. *winks* I'm 19 and my half sister is Camila.. And my brother is Jack..And yeah

Hello, I am Christopher Jackson, 19 years old. From caste 5 and i absolutely love to play guitar. I am mysterious at first but once you get to know me I'm pretty friendly.

sammy wilkinson!

face claim: sammy wilkinson and zedd } yo! i'm sam smith. some people call me sammy. i'm a dj.

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