Sailor Saturn by Pigeon666

Sailor saturn - pigeon666

Sailor Saturn Sketch II by ~Giname on deviantART

Another sketch of Saturn! Done in mechanical pencil (and a little copic marker) Sailor Saturn Sketch II

Sailor Saturn Transformation Wand

As requested I edited my other Sailor Moon wands to make Sailor Venus’ and Sailor Saturn’s wand.


bishoujo senshi sailor moon black hair bow brooch brown bow choker cowboy shot elbow gloves gloves highres jewelry kyouda suzuka looking at viewer magical girl parted lips polearm purple skirt sailor collar sailor saturn short hair silence glaive ski

Sailor Saturn by Sartika3091 on deviantART

She is my favourite shensi character from anime Sailor Moon, I don’t patient to see the new anime of her. I made her during 5 days.