~ I get so overwhelmed when I cant help the people I love~ Prayers are all I have~

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She would not succumb to the norm of Agnaia, If she wanted to fight for the Castalian army then she would. And no one would hold her back. She would unleash her wrath on the humans that murdered her father.

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Art Inspiration: "Tranquility" by Tomasz-Mro on DeviantArt - watercolor, acrylic & pen (from

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sometimes the people who are so broken, that they get jealous because you are whole.

Illustrations by Alexandria Lomuntad

I'll never be whole prices of me will vanishing little by little because I let the pain consume me.

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A poor girl sitting on her own but little does she know that if she just turned around she would see all the people who truly love her for her.

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Today we bring you the exciting drawing ideas for Girl which needs your creativity and interest to draw. Posted below are some of the nice and lovely Girl Drawing Ideas that you will

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"She's letting out her feelings. The scary thing is not being able to do that. When your feelings build up and harden and die inside, then you're in big trouble." By Harumi Hironaka

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Extrovert personalities were brought up in group. I realized, most of my friends think I'm flaky and that's just my personality. I've never communicated with them what my social anxiety feels like.