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I thank the universe for taking away everythiing it has taken and giving to me everything it is give "Balance - Rupi Kaur"

how you lose her - rupi kaur....this is long, but worth the time to read

Baby i`ll be back in a second ,need to change the battery for laptop as i forgot ,didnt know is flat ,be asap like .I love you Youare strong baby Youa re healing very well.rupikaur:how you lose her - rupi kaur

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This place makes me the kind of exhausted that has nothing to do with sleep and everything to do with the people around me.

"I will never understand why you held me if you were afraid of warmth. You should have known I was a fire." - Rupi Kaur

I will never understand why you held me if you knew you were afraid of warmth; you should have known i was a fire - rupi kaur

book review of Milk And Honey - a poetry collection of Rupi Kaur, by Noor Unnahar (with aesthetically pleasing tumblr photography)

book review: milk and honey by rupi kaur

Rupi is queen.

13 Poems From "Milk and Honey" Every Young Woman Needs To Read