Sentences & Sentence Fragments Anchor Chart and lesson idea

Sentences & Sentence Fragments {Anchor Chart Thursdays

Use this anchor chart to teach run-on sentences and how to fix them using FANBOYS.  Click to find examples and lesson plan for run-on sentences!

Writing Mini Lesson #4- Run-On Sentences

Fixing Paragraphs with Run on Sentences Worksheets

This run-on sentences worksheet directs the student to re-write the given paragraph that contains many run on sentences. The student must identify the run on sentences and add periods or other punctuation where necessary.

Run-On Repair. Kids exercise their proofreading skills to correct a run-on sentence story.

She wrote the sentence herself on a roll of receipt paper - GMK Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Run-On Repair [a Grammar Activity]

Run On Sentences Song (Run-On Sentences by Melissa)

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