Ruger LCP LaserMax Laser Tiffany Blue Black Edition 380 ACP 6 RDS 2.75″ Handgun - Omaha Outdoors

Order this Ruger Pro from Omaha Outdoors and give your wife or girlfriend a concealed carry pistol she will want to carry.

Sweet Pea III Trigger for Ruger LCP. Way better than the stock trigger! This and some other parts from Galloway would make the LCP a lot better!

RTK Sweet Pea Trigger from Galloway Precision. This all new trigger solution for the Ruger™ LCP makes a huge difference in America's favorite pocket pistol. This new trigger is adjustable to limit travel pre and post travel reducing length of pull a

This one is a Ruger LC9 9mm handgun done in silver and Tiffany blue! Pick up yours today! -

The tiffany blue Ruger handgun is a great conceal carry firearm for the ladies out there!

Ruger® LC9™ 9 mm Luger Pistol

Ruger® 9 mm Luger Pistol Carry daily when legal.

Ruger LC9 LM 9MM Pistol W/Lasermax Laser, Blue Finish, 7+1 Capacity - Impact Guns

Ruger LM Pistol W/Lasermax Laser, Blue Finish, Capacity - Impact Guns

The Ruger LC9.  My future little friend.  I know a guy I can get one from for about 80 less than MSRP.  Probably won't get the Crimson Trace option, and use what I save for a better holster... Or more ammo.

The Ruger Centerfire Pistol would make a great concealed carry weapon. With the optional Crimson Trace Laserguard.

Image detail for -Ruger LC9 9mm Concealed Carry Personal Protection Pistol

Ruger Concealed Carry Personal Protection Pistol (My choice of handguns!

Ruger® LC9™ 9 mm Luger Pistol

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