Rufus Sewell as Inspector Vika Slaughterborn

This is one of my fav’ pics of Rufus Sewell …. exactly this … short hair, grey beard or stubbles… just PERFECT !

Rufus Sewell: I met him once in an elevator at Heathrow. I think I actually stopped breathing :)

Rufus Sewell, British actor, in Cold Comfort Farm, Middlemarch & Dangerous Beauty.

Rufus Sewell Has Spent Decades Perfecting His Smoulder

Rufus Sewell Has Spent Decades Perfecting His Smoulder

"At my age, it's nice to be objectified!" claimed Rufus Sewell on Monday's episode of This Morning, which is good news for those of us who've spent

Rufus Sewell-Love the BBC series Zen. In this series you are a devoted son to a woman who is very alluring in her own right. Are you close to your own mother?

Rufus Sewell -The Illusionist -Tristan + Isolde -The Tourist -The Holiday

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Rufus Sewel at the "The Soloist" Los Angeles Premiere Paramount Theatre, Hollywood, CA, USA April 2009 Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.