Rudolf Nureyev. Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev (March 17, 1938 – January 6, 1993), Soviet-born dancer of ballet and modern dance, one of the most celebrated of the 20th century. He defected from the Soviet Union to the West in 1961, despite KGB efforts to stop him. | eBay!

Rudolf Nureyev - Russian Ballet Icon - Original Vintage Photograph Louis Péres

Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev (March 1938 – January Soviet-born dancer of ballet and modern dance, one of the most celebrated of the century. He defected from the Soviet Union to the West in despite KGB efforts to stop him.

DANCE: Rudolf Nureyev by Richard Avedon. Born in Irkoutsk, Russia, he later emigrated to France.

Rudolph Nureyev, el vuelo del cuerpo

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Learn more about Rudolf Nureyev ballet dancer and choreographer. The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation website is dedicated to Rudolf Nureyev's life and artistic work, his artistic legacy, choreographies and influence on ballet dance.

Rudolf Nureyev & Margot Fonteyn, love their happy faces in this pic!

Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn - even though this photo was a magazine ad for mink.

Rudolf Nureyev by Francette Levieux, 1978

Saw him by default in Birmingham Al when Baryshnikov canceled! Rudolf Nureyev in Apollon Musagète, choreographed by George Balanchine, Photograph © Francette Levieux

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Nicolas PACANA ,first dacer of Philippines Ballet, in " Le corsaire", NOT " rudolph nureyev dancing " ( easy to see !

Rudolf  Nureyev in Paris immediately after flight from the USSR. \\ Rudolf Nureyev (March 17, 1938-January 6, 1993 year)

Rudolf Nureyev contemplative in Paris after his defection and the departure of the Kirov Company

Rudolf Nureyev © Richard Avedon, 1961

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movementaddiction: Rudolph Nureyev- one of the triumvarate. Nijinski (emotion and grace), Nureyev (passion and fire) and Baryshnikov (force, and his leaps can’t be matched) by Richard Avedon

Rudolf Noureev sur le tournage du Jeune Homme et la Mort, à Paris, en décembre 1966.

Rudolf Noureev

Rudolph Nureyev on the set of Le jeune homme et la mort, 1965 . Photo by Juergen Vollmer

Rudolf Nureyev by David Hamilton

mia-chamois: “ Rudolf Nureyev by David Hamilton, 1972 OMG, he looks like a proud eastern Prince ”

Nureyev in his Paris apartment. Photo: Derry Moore.

LVHB COMMENTS: Rudolf Nureyev in his apartment on Quai Voltaire, Paris. Architectural Digest, R. N's decor is the epitome of what LVHB is all about. Ethnic within fine decor.

Rudolf Nureyev portrait of the Russian ballet dancer and choreographer on a street in London , England , 1967 . 17 March 1938 6 January 1993 . stock photo

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