I usually don't care for rosary tats (don't know why) but this one is really pretty.  ===  Foot Tattoo

Love this rosary tats === Foot Tattoo

Nicole Richie  I've always wanted this tattoo. Think this will be my next one

always loved nicole richie's tattoo

Rosary foot tattoo, heres a pretty tattoo Kris, Cindi or Shannon.. you might like to get..

Rosary foot tattoo idea cross is wayy.to big

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Rosary tattoo by Ken Roper @ Sonic Tattoos Green Bay, Wisconsin

rosary beads foot tattoo - Google Search

once im 18 im getting a rosary tattoo :)

The type of tattoo i want. only with a bow tied to a skeleton key where mizz richie's cross is.

nicole richie rosary bead foot tattoo not a rosary bead BUT I love the idea of an ankle bracelet tatoo

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was a little girl and had been dying to get a rosary as a tattoo .

Rosary foot tattoo

Rosary foot tattoo

i like the openness of this rosary... i have this thing where i don't want to feel shackled by a tattoo... weird, i know.

Rosary Bead Tattoos On Foot

rosary tattoo

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I know it is crazy.I'm not catholic, but I've always wanted a rosary bead tattoo

I think I just found my rosary foot tattoo.  Gotta keep looking, but this one is definitely a contender!

Love, love, love this! I've been looking for a great ankle tattoo that looks like a black pearl rosary.

Pink Rosary Tattoo On Leg

One popular tattoo symbol that is wore by both men and women is the rosary or rosary bead. The rosary tattoo can be very symbolic to those who wear it as body art. Rosary tattoos can be designed in various ways, tattooed nearly anywhere on the body,.

Finger Tattoos Rosary Beads Cross

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Finger Tattoos Rosary Beads Cross

Foot Tattoos

Best Foot Tattoo Designs - Our Top 10

Ankle tattoo is a one of popular selection for women. If you want get a tattoo on your ankle, so these ankle bracelet tattoo designs are perfect for you.

Love, Love, Love the Rosary Tattoo  (but then again, I'm Catholic)

Ankle bracelet cross Pretty rosary bead necklace tattooed around the ankle and dangling down the foot with a cross at the bottom. Women’s foot rosary beads cross tattoo This cross tattoo has really cool placement.