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John Rodney Mullen (born August 17, 1966) is a professional skateboarder, company owner, inventor, and public speaker who practices freestyle and street skateboarding. Mullen is credited with inventing numerous skateboarding tricks, including the flatground ollie, kickflip, heelflip, impossible, and 360-flip (or Tre-flip).
Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk
Rodney Mullen
Rodney Mullen, truly a legend and my fav skater!
Rodney Mullen ochenta foto Skate - silueta Freestyle Del Mar Skate Ranch 80s Skate foto

Rodney Mullen ochenta foto Skate - Freestyle silueta Del Mar Skate Ranch 80s Skate foto

In my opinion, the greatest skateboarder of all time, Rodney Mullen. Genius level natural talent and inspiring determination- he invented most every trick and most of the things he's done have never been duplicated. It's because of a video I saw of him that I began skating and haven't stopped since. Check him out in Bones Brigade An Autobiography
Mr. Rodney Mullen

Silicon Valley Has Lost Its Way. Can Skateboarding Legend Rodney Mullen Help It?

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