One of my favorite quotes of all time and it's so damn true!, keep moving forward! :)

flitchylicious: ROCKY! #TEAM ROUSEY - adira33

I can't seem to make enough time for Rocky movies in my life right now. I need Rocky movies right now.

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The story of life.... Every battle and circumstance that you face makes you stronger...Life is about learning, while living...

Great quotes to ponder upon

Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up. - Rocky Balboa Fitness Motivation give up

For most of my life (I'm 55) I have used this one. No I don't always win, but I have always shook the foundation of hell each time.

Looking forward to another round of Body Beast! Fitness Weight-lifting Men's Health Working out Motivation

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I personally love the Rocky Movies, so this stands out with the picture on the bottom, but for such a large body of text, the designer does a good job of using hierarchy with word size, and keeps the mood of the movies with the typeface.