TOM CRUISE IN "RISKY BUSINESS" Possibly the laziest lazy girl costume of them all — you technically don't even have to wear shoes. Grab his button-down, your old cheerleading shorts, a pair of white tube socks, and some Wayfarers, and slide right into the party in style.

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Super-Lazy People

RISKY BUSINESS: Slide into the Halloween party with style. You can create this costume with a white botton-down, shorts, white tube socks, Wayfarers, and some killer act-like-nobody's-watching dance moves.


Halloween is one of the most important holidays in college. From Baywatch to blind mice, here are the 25 most Insta-worthy college Halloween costumes!

DIY Risky Buisness Dress

The Costume-Less Halloween

Risky Business costume, you just need a men’s button-down dress shirt and a pair of tube socks. I recommend wearing a small pair of exercise shorts under your shirt instead of tighty whiteys, though! Add a pair of wayfarers to this outfit, too — although Tom Cruise doesn’t wear them in this particular scene, Risky Business is credited as one of the main reasons why Ray Ban wayfarers made a huge comeback in the ’80s!

15 College Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls on a Budget

11 Halloween Costumes for Girls Who Are Lazy AF | | Easy Risky Business Costume

11 Halloween Costumes for Girls Who Are Lazy AF

Still searching for a Halloween costume? Here are three super simple costumes you can create last-minute that won't break the bank!

Pin for Later: 63 Insanely Cheap DIY Sexy Halloween Costumes Risky Business Try some Risky Business moves. What you need: White button-down and sunglasses.

63 Insanely Cheap DIY Sexy Halloween Costumes

This is one outfit both men and women can pull off. What you need to do: Wear an oversize white button-down, sunglasses, boxers, and white socks.