See Tommy? Now you know how I felt when you were away for that week.

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It's not so much the missing that comes in waves, but how I can cope. I miss you every second. The breakdowns come in waves.

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Rip momma, daddy and grandma

'Your Wings Were Ready But My Heart Was Not' With feather and birds. Possibly a future tattoo idea without the feather, maybe an angel.

I miss my mom...

la manomissione delle parole / gianrico carofiglio

Hardest part of losing someone, isn't having to say goodbye, but rather learning to live without them. Always trying to fill the void, the emptiness that's left inside your heart when they go.

Maya Angelou.  These words remind me of the things my grandma always told me.  Both such incredible women.

:) I have made it through many heart breaking things in my life by turning to Inspirational Quotes by Maya Angelou. What a wonderful lady!

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Have so many fun memories of you Barry. Thank you for changing my life and all the wonderful things you did for me. Always in my thoughts and prayers

You're gone, gone, gone away  I watched you disappear  All that's left is the ghost of you.  Now we're torn, torn, torn apart,  There's nothing we can do  Just let me go we'll meet again soon  Now wait, wait, wait for me  Please hang around  I'll see you when I fall asleep

"You're gone, gone, gone away. I watched you disappear. Now wait, wait, wait for me.Please hang around. I'll see you when I fall asleep.

I know you even didn't care when you went away from me last KRI*****NDU

Though I never got to see you,'s still been hard to say goodbye.I miss you dad.

I miss you so much dad

This has happened to me. They showed me and told me about so much in life, helped me with my problems and now. I haven't seen,heard their voice. Heartache caused in a second!

Exactly. Best guy friend is moving tomorrow. Don't know what to do, have to keep quiet so I don't scream. Already crying enough...

The worst type of crying.No one knows my tears. Because I cry alone. No one cares. No one wants to hear of my pain, so I keep it all to myself. How sad is that? After hiding it for so long, I feel like a pro at it.

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