I was that friend, but I was easily replaced as usual.  Hope you're having a great time without me Queen.  "Thanks for the memories even tho they weren't so great"

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That person has started to leave me, and I feel like I am totally alone. They were my only friend.

It hurts for someone to be all u need but u always feel like you're not enough!!!! I'll fallback before I keep losing or feeln like I'm always getn the ass end if the stick or a temp fill in

You're still my person love quotes quotes quote sad heart broken relationship quotes picture quotes - Your broken heart will be mended .when someone unexpected presents theirs!

What Bill Maitland would have said to Debbie Bascomb after it all blew up - if he was still willing to talk to her.

This describes my situation with so many people. It hurts when or best friend stops talking to you and it sucks and life sucks This is so true Lauren should know.

I don't know whether to feel sad, or happy that this is me..

I'll be there for anyone who needs it. I will stay up all night on the phone to help you. I promise I'll be there. Just hate being replaced.

reading this quote I can't help to think of an old relation ship with a guy that I thought I loved, thanks God we quit.

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Silent treatment from the narcissist. Once they sever the connection w you, it's ok if they forget you. If they can erase you that easily, they never were the person who deserved you. Moving on after narcissistic discard.

This always happens to me.. It's no wonder I don't trust anyone and am afraid to make new friends.. At least I have my family!

It's sad how people claim to love and care about you and yet they replace you so quickly. they say these things but they don't act them out and that is how they can replace you

Words & Definitions | Athazagoraphobia (n) the fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced

I feel the fear. Athazagoraphobia (n) the fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced

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Okay, if someone will tell me this in reality, I will remember ;) Women like you, how rare you are ;

Lecture No. 34. There will be times in your life when you ask this of someone who has deeply wounded you. But, my beautiful boys know that the hurt, pain, the ache will pass and one day you will wake up happy again.

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Was it easy to make up all those lies about me? Was it easy to blame me? Was it easy watching her tear me apart? Was it easy to break someone's heart like that? Because you couldn't tell the truth, because you are afraid of her.

Don't ever get too comfortable, you can be replaced. Picture Quotes.

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