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when I was younger, I wanted to be a freckled red head with green eyes. lol I really did. I had the freckles and green eyes. Sadly no red hair. But not natural.

Once Upon a Dream = Rosie Whittaker by Ailera Stone for...

Conjuring Spring ~ Rosie Whittaker by Ailera Stone Seriously, there is a pattern here.

Diese Haarfarbe macht süchtig: Bronze ist das neue Blond!

Diese Haarfarbe macht süchtig: Bronze ist das neue Blond!

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I love these colors, I'll have to try pink and peach with my red hair.

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Katherine McNamara

Katherine McNamara -- love her look here. Maybe I'll keep the red hair after all.

darya dogusheva - Google Search

darya dogusheva (one of the other hunters they find. She and karin begin as rivals, end up allies/friends)

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima : Foto

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Nerd Chic (A Clothes Horse)