¿Os gustaría merendar con fósiles? ¡Con estas galletas los peques alucinarán! Os enseñamos a hacer galletas fósiles, una receta para niños muy original.

Recetas para niños, galletas ‟fósiles”

Fossil Cookies - Martha Stewart Recipes ~ not sure if I would use this recipe but I love the Idea, could be great for a boy birthday party

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easy graduation party recipe - Look at these adorable no-bake candy desserts - a really creative graduation party food idea. Simply use Reeses peanut butter cups, Andes thin mints, an M and some cake decorating icing.

Recetas de galletas para niños

4 recetas de galletas para hacer con los niños

A Unicorn Poop!)Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies - easy w/sugar cookie dough, tinted (holiday colors) and the rest of the process looks pretty simple

Dinosaur terrarium - how fun would this be for a boys room??  They would love dumping the rocks and soil in :)

Terrarios, jardines en miniatura

eat the doughnut

Dangling Donut, Tie string through the holes of donuts and attach to something secure overhead, or a broom handle or yardstick that two parents hold. Then invite the kids to chow down—no hands allowed!

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Does your child love dinosaurs? Here is a list of 20 fun activities for little dinosaur lovers we hope you'll enjoy!

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Favor Tags (12) - We Bring the Party - 2

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Favor Tags (12)

Set of 12 Roar! Gather your caveboys and cavegirls for a Dinomite good time! Favor tags are a great way to thank your party guests for celebrating with you. Each inch tag is adorned with coordinat

18 Scary-good dinosaur foods to celebrate Jurassic World: Jurassic Park party

18 Scary-Good Dinosaur Foods Perfect for a Summer Dino Bash: Dino track cookies

Fossil Cookies Use your BEST sugar cookie (or snickerdoodle!) recipe, rolling it out and cutting it into circles, take a {washed} dino and made foot prints, then take a little cinnamon sugar concoction, and sprinkled in the foot prints. Baked and done.

Get your roooaaarrrr on with these cute and creative dinosaur biscuits. Your little helpers will love stamping a dinosaur's foot in the dough and decorating the imprints with icing.

Dinosaur biscuits

Child Chefs can help create Dinosaur Biscuit Cookies making Dino tracks with toy dinosaurs. Recipe included (via Tesco)

Things are getting Jurassic... Fill dino foot indents with colourful icing to make these cool dinosaur biscuits!

Dinosaur biscuits

Things are getting Jurassic. Fill dino foot indents with colourful icing to make these cool dinosaur biscuits!