Rapunzel and Flynn, classic through-the-window pose (I missed this in the movie... I loved illustrations like this in the original fairy tale)

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Disney's Tangled. This is probably what Flynn had in mind when Rapunzel let down her hair.

Transformation Tuesday - Flynn to Eugene.


Repunzel and Flynn/Eugene. My Disney OTP //I just LOVE Eugene's character development. Well this line just got a thousand times better.

Hahha. This just emotionally wrecked my life. <<< Why do people do this.  Just, why.

I love his character development. I enjoyed the storyline so much, but I am big on character development, and Flynn really had it. I'm a HUGE Disney movie BUFF.

Someone finally said it! it seriously is the most precious thing in the world. <3

When Eugene hugs Rapunzel like she's the most precious thing in the world. That's what I want. Hug me like this so I know it's real.

Rapunzel and Eugene's Daughter

In the story of Rapunzel by the brothers Grimm, Rapunzel has twins, a boy and a girl. Ths true story is rather rough for Rapunzel and her prince but they get to be together at the end. This must be the girl twin painting with her mother, Rapunzel.

I dont understand how it fits into the series fits into the story line, but it is on my watch list

I dont understand how it fits into the series fits into the story line, but it is on my watch list<< also, they got married in the Tangled Ever After short

Wouldn't the girl be a blonde cuz genetics say she should be a blonde or black hair based on her parents? Rapunzel was a BLONDE but MAGIC caused her to become a brunette

But it wouldn't be Aunt Elsa, if a fan theory about one of Rapunzel's parents being the sibling of one of Anna and Elsa's parents then Eugene would have said mommy's cousin Elsa.

Rapunzel and Flynn's wedding

Disney Challenge Question Favorite Couple - Rapunzel and Eugene! Their chemistry as a couple makes me feel like they are such a great balance for each other :)