Raoul trujillo

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Raoul Trujillo
Raoul Trujillo. Good actor.
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Raoul Trujillo, Apache/Ute
Famous People from New Mexico Web page
Raoul Trujillo was born in northern New Mexico. He is a mixed blood descendant of Apache,Comanche, Pueblo, Tlascalan, French-Canadian, Sephardic Jew ...
Raoul Trujillo  Actor | Miscellaneous Crew
The fearful, nerve-shattered Raw (Raoul Trujillo) is one of the half-wolverine oracles who have been cruelly used and discarded by Azkadellia. Description from tvequals.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images
“It Was a Gift” Native Actor Raoul Trujillo on NatGeo’s Saints & Strangers - ICTMN.com