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"The First Real Kiss" Guys, its Ranma and Akane we're talking about, what more is there to say?

❤️ Rboz! (Gajeel is friggin adorable here)

Gajeel eating levy metal cloth and panther lily is blushing.

Sesshomaru, and his stupid little brother. This goes well with a fanfic idea I have. Sweet.

InuYasha and Sesshomaru - aww, brotherly "love". Do you think that Sesshomaru ever visited InuYasha when he was pinned to the tree?

Commission - Daiyoukai Inuyasha by Cati-Art on deviantART

Third commission for . It's Inuyasha and Kagome in the design he created for his fanfiction. You can read the fanfiction here: inuyashareader. Commission - Inuyasha and Kagome