Fanfiction: Vash, Inuyasha' Edward, and Ranma.

I know Inuyasha and the guy from full metal alchemist but who are the other two dudes in the picture

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Commission - Daiyoukai Inuyasha and Kagome by Cati-Art on DeviantArt

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"The First Real Kiss" Guys, its Ranma and Akane we're talking about, what more is there to say? I hope you won't be dissapointed!

Based on the night InuYasha and Kagome's child was born... Masaru. Kagome labor was hard, but she was able to hear her child cries after a long waiting. At first Inuyasha was scared of the fact of ...

Third commission for . It's Inuyasha and Kagome in the design he created for his fanfiction. You can read the fanfiction here: inuyashareader. Commission - Inuyasha and Kagome