BAD ASSEDNESS!!!                             The Mega Ram Runner - 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 6 Door Dually

Mega Ram Runner - Big, Bad, Dodge 3500 6 Door Diesel

The Mega Ram Runner - 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 6 Door Dually.wouldn't drive a dodge…

Mini version of the mega ram

Photos) A truck is a beautiful thing. It is simple and useful – like our dads and granddads were. Trucks are tough, sturdy and reliable. Sure, they get poor. Cummins Mega Ram Runner Dieselsellerz meme #DieselSellerz #DieselPowerGear #Cummins

Damn the Consequences

Mega ram runner & super six

The Magnificent Aston Martin One 77

Diesel Brothers Dodge

Diesel Brothers Dodge Yes, that is a third set of doors. This is a ludicrous truck.