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The Rake creature, look up & read about if you want to fuck up your sleeping pattern.


These different videos are from the same man that kept on recording every few nights that saw this creature that appears to be the Rake, I think this is very good proof if the Rake is real:)

Day 3: Scariest Creepypasta  Ok so when I read the story i was freak out and I swear i could hear it scream and I couldn't sleep for days I always thought that I would wake and find the Rake staring at me, i refuse to read anything or see anything that involves this creature. *Shivers*

The Rake

Let’s face it, deep down we all have an almost sadistic pleasure in reading creepypastas. Here is our list of 10 really REALLY scary creepypastas.

▶ The "Rake" creature footage

footage of the rake has been spotted in woods and sewers in middle tn I have no idea what it could be but I dont believe a human could hoax it He.

Woman finds 'strange creature' in her tin of tuna - YouTube

I will probably never fully recover from those last few seconds of the Flukeman staring the camera down. I kept telling myself don't look, but I did anyway.

In 2003, in the northeast United States, there was an incident involving a strange, human-like creature which attracted a lot of attention from local media. After the story initially broke, most online and written documents were mysteriously destroyed. Although these accounts were gone, sightings of the creature continued to become even more frequent. What’s odd is that many people reacted differently to the creature. In fact, the emotions experienced ranged from traumatic levels of fright…

# The Rake The Rake is a creepypasta story about a creature that watches you while you sleep and kills you when you wake. Nobody really knows if the creature exists, whether it is an urban legend or a ghost… Read

Warning: Do NOT read these 19 urban legend stories before you sleep. Trust me, because I'm a victim too...

Warning: Do NOT read these 19 urban legend stories before you sleep. Trust me, because I'm a victim too...

Warning: Do NOT read these 19 urban legend stories before you sleep. Trust me, because I'm a victim too.<<the rake is the creepiest one by far. Out of all of the scary stories I've read the rake will always freak me out the most.

rake creature - Google Search

Scary shit - this is Alison Harvard od ANTM She takes some pretty freaky pics of herself! She is also know as Creepy chan look it up!

the rake creature - Google Search

Slendy: I have clothes The Rake: At least I have a face Jeff: But it's not very beautiful XD

D&D Commissions - Album on Imgur

D&D Commissions - Album on Imgur

The Rake is a mythical creature described as pale and humanoid. Its limbs are twisted and it has long talons used to harm its prey. It has black eyes and makes its presence known by way of heavy breathing, whispering and growls. It is always encountered at night, perched near its victims. If they don't wake, it leaves demands that they leave. If its demands aren't met it will bring harm to its victims or kills them. It's described as having human form with canine-like movements.

In spirit of Halloween (which is only 3 months away) this will be a creepy stuff thread.