HAHA well i've now been told by multiple people that I am like Rachel Green. Makes sense. I'm so not as anal and competitive as monica. Jean vest. Perfect.

Who wouldn’t love to emulate the early Jennifer Aniston hairstyle? Let’s take a look at the myriad range of Jennifer Aniston hair, which in 2015 can be emulated as well.

This look may be over 10 years, but Rachel Green's (Jennifer Aniston - Friends) look is perfect for those lazy days!

Looking back at Rachel Green’s outfits from ‘Friends’ (22 photos)

Community Post: 6 Best Haircuts To Steal From Rachel Green

6 Best Haircuts To Steal From Rachel Green

It's officially Autumn. Time to get a haircut (and a real job). And unlike iconic haircuts past (think the mullet, the fullet, and the Farrah), Rachel Green's iconic cuts still look amazing,

Rachel Green in "Friends"... Love her hair like this!!!

23 Times We Liked Rachel Green's Outfit Even More Than Her Haircut