...R2D2 suitcase ;)

Caprichos para Semana Santa

Star Wars Suitcase Well, the link doesn't work. I am seriously going to have to find this suitcase. Previous Pinner: (I have no idea what this says past "OMG") OMG!

R2D2 suitcase... Too bad it looks like LucasArts (or Disney?) has already heard about it somehow and pulled the plug on it :(

R2-D2 Suitcase

r2d2 suitcase

suitcase - Prepare for your trip to a galaxy far, far away by securing your belongings in a sleek Star Wars® suitcase.

R2D2 Suitcase!!!

For only 95 Euros you can be the proud owner of a large ROBOT TROLLEY suitcase on wheels! Geek Weekly cannot ignore the effort placed upon