Classic Mexican Art Jesús Helguera Mexican painter who married the heroic Aztec image to Catholicism. For any one growing up in SoCal in the this style of art was everywhere. It completely reminds me of LA and the Chicano culture boom of the period.

El mito de la Malinche. ¿ Quién fue La Malinche? es una de las figuras más polémicas de la conquista española es una de las figuras más polémicas de la.

2 - La Malinche es también conocido como Malinalli, Malintzin, o Doña Marina. Often referred to as a traitor, la malinche is the epitome of Chicana feminism

Malinche was a young woman who served as his translator and adviser for Hernan Cortes

Turquoise Fun Fact Cortez was thought 2 be able 2 bring Quetzalcoatl & was given the highly valued stone as a gift

¿Quién fue La Malinche?

This day in History (16th November 1532)

Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortez, La Malinche and Aztec Emperor Montezuma.

Latino USA looks at the Mexican icon - La Malinche. We look at what Octavio Paz wrote about her and how female writers and Chicanas have reinterpreted her.

La Malinche was a translator for Cortes she also had two kids. This picture also shows a pretty woman who looks strong.

La Malinche [detail of mural] by Rivera. She was Cortes' lover and translator and, as such, arguably facilitated the conquest of Mexico. Osvaldo, our contributor from Mexico, introduces us to expressions referencing her treason.

David Alfaro Siqueiros was a Mexican Muralist whose art portrayed social realism. This caused him to be placed in jail, but people still wanted to see his work because it was extremely admirable.

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish explorer that conquered the Aztecs (Article)