4th of July Kids Craft! Definitely need to keep this one in mind for this summer! What a fun craft for kids to do on the 4th!

4th of July Kids Craft: Fireworks Painting

"AAHH" the two of them screamed while me and Vernon laughed

Lost Photo {Seventeen FanFic} #Wattys2017 - ❃ 65 ❃

50 New Year Traditions From Around the World

50 New Year Traditions From Around the World

An infographic Of New Year Traditions From Around The World. I will be be ringing bells, while wearing polka-dots and splashing water on acquaintances. Happy New Year - All Around The World!

Fireworks in a Jar =) this is so cool. My grandson is obsessed with fireworks on our I-Phones so I would love to try and see what he thinks!

15 Science Experiments that POP, FIZZ and CRACKLE

Fireworks in a Jar Science Experiment (would need somewhere to dump out used water/oil/food coloring)