Pygmy Marmoset - Cebuella pygmaea - A small New World monkey native to the Amazon Basin in Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. It has the distinction of being the world's smallest monkey weighing in at just over 3.5 oz / 100 g

Pygmy Marmoset - The Smallest Monkey

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Marmosets and Tamarin Monkeys

Finger Monkey | So Little, So Cute, Pygmy Marmoset! Also Known As Finger Monkey.

Fingerlings are tiny interactive toy monkeys that hold onto your finger and chatter, blink and react to your movements and voice.

PYGMY MARMOSET.....found in the rainforests of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and of the smallest primates and the smallest monkey in the world....a body length of 4.75 - 6 inches, a tail of 7 - 9 inches and a weight 3.53 - 4 oz....spend most of their time in the trees and are rarely on the ground....a curled up Pygmy Marmoset fits into a human palm

The pygmy marmoset is a tiny primate that is exclusively found in the jungles of South America. The pygmy marmoset is known to be the smallest known species of monkey in the world.The pygmy marmoset averages at about tall, with a long tail behind.

Baby marmoset monkeys.awww, too cute. Alexia begged to take one of these home from discovery cove. ;)

The pygmy marmoset is one of the world's smallest primates, and is the smallest true monkey, with a head-body length ranging from 117 to 152 millimetres to in) and a tail of 172 to 229 millimetres to in).

Ninita the Pygmy Marmoset Likes to Eat, Climb, Play and Be Combed With a Toothbrush

Ninita the Pygmy Marmoset Likes to Eat, Climb, Play and Be Combed With a Toothbrush

A pygmy marmoset named Ninita likes to eat, climb, play, and be combed with a toothbrush by the gentle humans at the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation i