10 Psychology Facts That Provide Useful Insight Into The Human Mind

10 Psychology Facts That Provide Useful Insight Into The Human Mind

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Psychologically, damaged people tend to be the strongest because they know they can survive anything. Pain strengthens the mind.

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Someone who becomes angry easily over silly things, subconsciously desire to be loved. Interesting, but disagree.

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People's creative minds tend to have a harder time falling asleep at night, they prefer to stay up later.

When someone gives you advice, respond with you're right rather than I know. It's nicer and more diplomatic.

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Yeah that lie is always that the person hurt me and I have to act like it doesn't. Ironically, usually accompanied by the fact that on some level, I have some emotional positive tie to them.

This couldn't be more true. They only think you could be doing it because it is something they would do.

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I remember a time when we could so this without even trying!

Or more likely just in tune with the other person, picking up on subtle clues that they have learnt to understand. Non verbal clues can be extremely revealing.

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Controlling your behaviorism helps your thinking processes.

using your non-dominant hand for mundane tasks (eating cereal, opening doors, etc.) for two weeks can improve your self control.