"Together in Paris" I really want this tattooed on my ankle or foot

"Together in Paris" I really want this tattooed on my ankle or foot

Once Upon a December by *mandiemanzano on deviantART  Not by Disney, I know, but it won't make up a whole board on its own and fits nicely enough into this one.

Once upon a December - Anastasia by Mandie Manzano. I know she is not Disney but i love her as much as the Disney princesses

Once Upon A December by RebeccaMcGoran

Anastasia / {Dancing Bears, Painted Wings, Things I almost remember. And a song someone sings, Once upon a December}

Animated characters in real life

Artist Jirka Väätäinen is back with some incredibly realistic illustrations of the characters Anastasia and Dimitri from the animated movie "Anastasia".

'Once Upon a December' by Amy Mebberson Watercolour. This will be for sale at A Little Known Shop's Don Bluth Tribute Show on Jan 24! Details here!

'Once Upon a December' Watercolour' Amy Mebberson I don’t think ‘Anastasia’ is actually a Disney movie but this is too beautiful not to pin

Once Upon A December by Melissa [©2011]

Necklace by Vanessa Kate > Music Box (Plays Once upon a December) from The San Francisco Music Box Company Movie Replicas of a 1997 Century Fox movie, Anastasia~

I love anastasia.  I know she isn't a Disney princess but I don't have any other board to put her in lol

Imagen anime anastasia (disney) disney anastasia (character) moochirin (artist) single tall image blush short hair looking at viewer blue eyes open mouth red hair lips teeth eyebrows eyelashes wide sleeves snow upper body outdoors