Dead Bride, Post Mortem Photography

Post Mortem Photography, Historical Pictures, Memento Mori, Victorian Era, Funeral, Scandinavian, Death, Historical Photos, Momento Mori


Post Mortem Photography, Victorian Era, Momento Mori, Death, Memento Mori

baby carriage, with postmortem babies, possibly twin's...

Haunting post mortem photography

Post Mortem Photography, Memento Mori, The Dead, Momento Mori

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Victorian Post Mortem / Death Photography

Victorian Post Mortem / Death Photography

Post-Mortem Photography: Early Visual Media - Death - Memento Mori - Last look - Memorial - Veerle Van Goethem

Shadym (Official) Blutengel - Im Dying Alone (Shadym Bootleg)

Post-mortem Photography | Don't Read These Wikipedia Pages If You Want To Sleep Tonight

Don't Read These Wikipedia Pages If You Want To Sleep Tonight

The eerie Victorian ritual of post-mortem photography ushered in a new era of family portraits – for the living and the dead.

It was during the Victorian era that post-mortem photography (also known as memorial portraiture, mourning photography, or memento mori ) thrived. Description from I searched for this on

Awkward Photos: 19th century style

The Glass Character: "I see dead people": Victorian post-mortem photography

There's a slightly macabre story about the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, a man so dissipated he expired from chronic alcoholism in h.